yadda yadda yadda

Here I am again. Same shit, different day. I want to not care, but I can’t. I want to say fuck it, but I can’t.

Sunday evening we (me, my hubby, and two close friends) were at a local outdoor watering hole. My girl was working and scheduled to work until 6PM. Around 4:30PM, I got an alert from one of the house cameras. I checked and there was my girl going into the house……….hmmmmmmmmmmm. And then I get a text from her, “where are you”, just as I am sending a text to her “why are you home?” Her response is that she is going to drippy dick’s house for the night and on Monday morning they are leaving for the beach, but she will be back Wednesday sometime and it’s not just the two of them his whole family is going. I’m sorry – WHAT? And she is gone. I have no clue what/where she is or who she is actually with. But I now know why she did wash, why she was trying to find a bathing suit and why she laid out in the sun one day last week. It was all prep work for her little vacay with drippy dick.

Hope she is having a great time and enjoying her time away. I know I am having a blast worrying myself sick and not sleeping.

Author: howdoilifeweb

Late 40's, wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend.

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