I want my fucking fairytale

Yes, I want my fucking fairytale. I want my happily ever after. If I remember correctly; there is typically a beautiful (okay, I’m not beautiful) young woman (I’m also not young) whose life has taken a turn for the worse (I have plenty of fucking turns for the worse). The beautiful young woman has to endure her pitiful life for a few pages and then, low and behold, things start looking up. She has apparently paid her dues, followed the rules, kissed the frog and poof – happily ever after.

Hell, everyone knows or at least should know, the movie Pretty Woman. Vivian is a down on her luck “escort”, Edward happens to be having a car problem in Vivian’s area and Vivian is more than happy to help Edward. They have their ups and downs. Vivian dealt with the ignorance of society, Edward dealt with the stigma of falling in love with an “escort”. In the end, their love saved them both. It might not have been castle tower or a white steed, but I’ll take a fire escape and a white limo with my prince any day!

I might be a bit jaded after seeing 50 years of what the world has to offer and the bullshit that comes with it. But I think if I want my fairytale and my happily ever after, I will have to be the one to make it come true. The only person that is going to rescue me from the fire escape of life is me. That might be what I have been doing wrong this entire time. I have been hoping, praying and waiting for my prince to rescue me and whisk me away, but maybe I have to rescue myself.