Just some random stuff

Things are pretty much status quo in regards to my girl child. I might get to see her every three or four days when she swoops in to shower. I have struggled with taking her car for weeks. I feel like we now made drippy dick her savior. He now drives her around, has more control over where she goes and when. She will eventually use not having a car as an excuse to not have a job, even though when she had her car she only had a job for about 2 weeks.

My mind swirls with thoughts about her all day, every day. I haven’t reached out to her recently, but she hasn’t reached out to me. I haven’t sent her an “I love you” text, but she hasn’t sent one to me. I have to remember that I love her with my entire being, I hate the disorder she has been burdened with. I need to tell family and friends to reach out to her, even if she never responds. If a person already feels like an outsider, not including them makes it worse.

I will send her an “I love you” text every day, maybe twice a day. I may not know what she is doing, where she is or who she is with – but my girl will always know I love her.

Author: howdoilifeweb

Late 40's, wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend.

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